The Fifth Cord | 1971

Directed by: Luigi Bazzoni

The Fifth Cord Poster

Main Plot

A maverick, heavy-drinking journalist pursues a killer who is targeting acquaintances of his, prompting the police to brand him a suspect in their investigation.


  • Franco Nero's character in The Fifth Cord is a journalist investigating a series of murders in Rome.
  • Silvia Monti's character in The Fifth Cord is a potential victim of the serial killer, serving as a suspenseful element.
  • Wolfgang Preiss' character is a detective investigating a series of murders, helping to unravel the mystery in The Fifth Cord.

Ending Explained

In the ending of The Fifth Cord, Andrea, a journalist, discovers that his friend, Enrico, is the killer he has been pursuing. Enrico confesses to the murders and reveals his motive: jealousy over Andrea's success. As Andrea attempts to apprehend Enrico, they engage in a violent struggle, resulting in Enrico falling to his death. Andrea survives but is left emotionally scarred by the events. The film ends with Andrea reflecting on the darkness within himself and the moral ambiguity of his profession.

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Luigi Bazzoni Franco Nero Silvia Monti Wolfgang Preiss