The End We Start From | 2023

Directed by: Mahalia Belo

The End We Start From Poster

Main Plot

A woman who along with her newborn try to find their way home as environmental crisis that submerges London in flood waters and sees a young family torn apart in the chaos.


  • Ramanique Ahluwalia's role in the plot of "The End We Start From" is a supporting character who provides emotional support and guidance.
  • Elena Bielova plays a key role as the protagonist in the plot of "The End We Start From."
  • Ruth Clarson is the protagonist who navigates a post-apocalyptic world while trying to protect and care for her newborn son.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "The End We Start From," directed by Mahalia Beloin, the protagonist, Z, finds herself in a flooded London. She reunites with her husband, R, and their newborn son, Z. They manage to escape the chaos and embark on a journey towards hope and a new beginning, as they navigate the uncertain future together.

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