The Dish & the Spoon | 2011

Directed by: Alison Bagnall

The Dish & the Spoon Poster

Main Plot

Reeling from her husband's affair, Rose collides with a marooned teenager in a boarded-up Delaware beach town.


  • Greta Gerwig plays a woman who helps a British man heal from a recent break-up in The Dish & the Spoon.
  • Olly Alexander's character plays the role of a troubled young man who forms a connection with Greta Gerwig's character.
  • Eleonore Hendricks' character in The Dish & the Spoon plays a mysterious woman who helps a heartbroken woman find closure.

Ending Explained

In the ending of The Dish & the Spoon, Rose discovers her husband cheating on her and leaves him. She meets a British teenager named Rory and they form a unique bond. Together, they embark on a road trip, seeking revenge on the woman who had an affair with Rose's husband. However, their plan takes an unexpected turn when they realize the woman is pregnant. Rose decides to let go of her anger and instead, helps the woman. The film ends with Rose and Rory on a beach, contemplating their next adventure.

Thumbs Down
Alison Bagnall Greta Gerwig Olly Alexander Eleonore Hendricks