The Devil All the Time | 2020

Directed by: Antonio Campos

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Main Plot

"The Devil All the Time" follows the intertwined stories of several individuals in post-war America, as they navigate through themes of religion, violence, and corruption. Their lives converge in a web of dark secrets and sinister events, leading to a gripping and unsettling climax.


  • Bill SkarsgĂ„rd's character in The Devil All the Time is named Willard Russell, who is a troubled war veteran.
  • Tom Holland's character is Arvin Russell, a young man who becomes entangled in a dark and violent web of events.
  • Banks Repeta plays the character Lenora Laferty, who is a young girl involved in a tragic event in the film.


In the conclusion of "The Devil All the Time," several characters meet their fates as justice is served. Arvin, seeking revenge for his family, confronts the corrupt Sheriff Bodecker, leading to a violent confrontation. Lenora, Arvin's stepsister, escapes from the clutches of the predatory preacher, Preston, and finds solace with Arvin. The town's dark secrets are exposed, and the cycle of violence is broken. Arvin, having endured the horrors of his past, finds a semblance of peace as he drives away, leaving behind the haunting memories of his past.

Antonio Campos