The Creator | 1999

Directed by: Albert Dupontel

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Main Plot

A successful author, Darius sees posters announcing his new play. Suddenly panicked, he remembers that he forgot to write it. Darius then begins to panic and finds no inspiration.


  • Claude Perron's character plays a supporting role in the plot of The Creator.
  • Albert Dupontel's character plays the role of a desperate man who seeks revenge and embarks on a destructive journey.
  • Philippe Uchan plays a supporting role in The Creator, contributing to the development and progression of the storyline.


In the final moments of "The Creator," the protagonist, haunted by his past and driven by his obsession for perfection, unveils his ultimate creation. The culmination of his efforts leaves both him and the audience in awe. As he gazes upon his masterpiece, he realizes the true cost of his ambition and the sacrifices he made along the way. With a mix of satisfaction and regret, he contemplates the consequences of playing god and questions whether he truly achieved greatness or merely unleashed a monster.

Albert Dupontel