The Breach | 1970

Directed by: Claude Chabrol

The Breach Poster

Main Plot

Helene Regnier's husband Charles, who is mentally ill, injures their son Michel in a rage. Charles moves back in with his wealthy and manipulative parents, who blame Helene for their son's condition and vow to win custody of Miche...


  • Stéphane Audran's character plays a pivotal role in the plot of The Breach, influencing the story's unfolding events. Stéphane Audran
  • Jean-Pierre Cassel's character plays a minor role in the plot of The Breach. Jean-Pierre Cassel
  • Michel Bouquet's character plays a crucial role in the plot of The Breach, but it is not specifically described. Michel Bouquet

Ending Explained

In the final moments of The Breach, directed by Claude Chabrol, the protagonist, Hélène, confronts her husband, Paul, about his infidelity. As their relationship crumbles, Hélène decides to leave him, symbolically breaking free from their toxic marriage. Paul, overwhelmed with guilt, tries to stop her but fails. The film ends with Hélène walking away, determined to start a new life without him, leaving Paul alone, regretful, and facing the consequences of his actions.

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Claude Chabrol Stéphane Audran Jean-Pierre Cassel Michel Bouquet