The Beat That My Heart Skipped | 2005

Directed by: Jacques Audiard

The Beat That My Heart Skipped Poster

Main Plot

Will Thomas still lead a life of crime and cruelty, just like his thuggish father, or will he pursue his dream of becoming a pianist?


  • Romain Duris plays a troubled pianist who becomes involved in the world of real estate while pursuing his musical passion.
  • Aure Atika plays the role of Aline, the ex-girlfriend of the main character, who reappears and complicates his life.
  • Emmanuelle Devos plays the role of a piano teacher who inspires the main character to pursue his passion.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "The Beat That My Heart Skipped," directed by Jacques Audiard, Tom, a talented pianist, reconciles with his estranged father. He decides to pursue his passion for music and leaves his life of crime behind. Tom also reconnects with his former lover, Aline, and they share a tender moment. As the film concludes, Tom plays the piano passionately, symbolizing his newfound freedom and the fulfillment he has found in following his heart.

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Jacques Audiard Romain Duris Aure Atika Emmanuelle Devos