The Baker | 2007

Directed by: Gareth Lewis

The Baker Poster

Main Plot

The Baker follows the story of a hitman named Milo, who is tired of his dangerous profession and decides to retire. He moves to a small Welsh village and disguises himself as a baker, hoping to live a quiet life. However, his plans are disrupted when a local politician's daughter, Rhiannon, accidentally discovers his true identity. Fearing for her safety, Milo reluctantly agrees to help Rhiannon get rid of a corrupt politician who is threatening her father's career. As they work together, Milo begins to question his decision to leave his old life behind and realizes that he may not be able to escape his past so easily. The film combines elements of comedy, action, and romance as Milo navigates the challenges of his new life while trying to protect Rhiannon.


  • Damian Lewis plays Milo Shakespeare, a hitman who fakes his own death and goes into hiding in a small Welsh village, where he becomes a baker.
  • Kate Ashfield plays the character Annabel in The Baker. She is a local journalist who becomes involved in the plot when she starts investigating the mysterious death of a baker.
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's character in The Baker is Milo, a hitman who becomes entangled in a small Welsh village's quirky and comedic events.

Ending Explained

In the conclusion of "The Baker" directed by Gareth Lewis, the story reaches its climax as the titular character, the Baker, faces the consequences of his actions. After discovering that his bread contains a dangerous substance, the Baker is confronted by a group of angry customers demanding answers. As tensions rise, the Baker's guilt becomes evident, and he finally confesses to his wrongdoing. The customers, shocked and outraged, call the authorities, leading to the Baker's arrest. The film ends on a somber note, as the Baker is seen being taken away in handcuffs, his once-thriving bakery now deserted and tainted. This conclusion highlights the consequences of the Baker's unethical choices, emphasizing the importance of integrity and accountability.

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Gareth Lewis Comedy Thriller Damian Lewis Kate Ashfield Nikolaj Coster-Waldau