The Angry Birds Movie | 2016

Directed by: Clay Kaytis, Fergal Reilly

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Main Plot

The Angry Birds Movie follows Red, a grumpy bird with anger issues, who is sentenced to anger management classes on an isolated island. When a group of green pigs arrive and steal the birds' eggs, Red teams up with his fellow outcasts to retrieve them. Together, they embark on an epic journey to save their eggs and uncover the pigs' true intentions, while learning the importance of friendship and embracing their unique abilities.


  • Jason Sudeikis' character in The Angry Birds Movie is named Red. He is the main protagonist and leads the group of angry birds in their fight against the invading pigs.
  • Josh Gad's character in The Angry Birds Movie is Chuck, a hyperactive yellow bird who is known for his incredible speed.
  • Danny McBride's character in The Angry Birds Movie is named Bomb, and he plays a key role as one of the main birds trying to save their eggs from the pigs.


In the ending of The Angry Birds Movie, the birds and pigs unite to fight against a common enemy, the monstrous eagle named Zeta. With their combined efforts, they manage to defeat Zeta and save their island from destruction. Red, the main protagonist, is hailed as a hero and becomes the new leader of Bird Island. The birds and pigs reconcile their differences and establish a peaceful coexistence on the island. Red also finds love with Silver, a brilliant engineer bird. The movie concludes with a celebration where all the birds and pigs come together to enjoy their newfound harmony and friendship.

Clay Kaytis, Fergal Reilly Animation Action Adventure Jason Sudeikis Josh Gad Danny McBride