The Ambush | 2021

Directed by: Pierre Morel

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Main Plot

When three Emirati soldiers are ambushed in a hostile territory, their commander leads a daring mission to rescue them.


  • Omar Bin Haider is a skilled sniper who plays a pivotal role in planning and executing the ambush in the plot.
  • Marwan Abdullah is a loyal soldier who helps plan and execute the ambush in the plot of The Ambush.
  • Mohammed Ahmed is a skilled sniper who helps the protagonist in executing a critical ambush operation in the plot.


In the conclusion of "The Ambush," the protagonist successfully sets a trap for the antagonist, leading to a thrilling confrontation. As the tension escalates, the protagonist outsmarts the antagonist, gaining the upper hand. The climax unfolds with an intense struggle, resulting in the antagonist's defeat. With the threat eliminated, the protagonist emerges victorious, showcasing their resourcefulness and resilience. The film concludes with a sense of resolution and triumph, leaving the audience satisfied with the protagonist's triumph over adversity.

Pierre Morel