The Age Of Innocence | 1993

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

The Age Of Innocence Poster

Main Plot

A tale of nineteenth-century New York high society in which a young lawyer falls in love with a woman separated from her husband, while he is engaged to the woman's cousin.


  • Newland Archer - He is the protagonist and a wealthy lawyer who falls in love with Ellen Olenska. Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Michelle Pfeiffer's character in The Age of Innocence is Ellen Olenska, a countess who disrupts the societal norms of 1870s New York. Michelle Pfeiffer
  • May Welland - She plays the role of the love interest and fiancée of Newland Archer, the main protagonist. Winona Ryder

Ending Explained

In the conclusion of Martin Scorsese's The Age of Innocence, Newland Archer, torn between societal expectations and his forbidden love for Countess Ellen Olenska, decides to honor his commitment to his wife May Welland. Years later, after May's death, Archer encounters an elderly Ellen, who has since remarried and moved on. Their unspoken connection reaffirms the enduring power of their past love, while Archer remains trapped in the societal constraints that have defined his life, ultimately accepting the consequences of his choices and the impossibility of reclaiming lost time.

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Martin Scorsese Daniel Day-Lewis Michelle Pfeiffer Winona Ryder