Thanksgiving | 2023

Directed by: Eli Roth

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Main Plot

Thanksgiving, directed by Eli Roth, follows a group of friends who gather for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. However, their holiday celebration takes a dark turn when a mysterious killer starts targeting them one by one, turning their festive gathering into a fight for survival.


  • Rick Hoffman's character in Thanksgiving is named Barry, and he plays a comedic role as the clumsy and accident-prone cousin.
  • Gina Gershon's character in the movie "Thanksgiving" is named Karen, and she plays the role of a feisty and opinionated aunt.
  • Patrick Dempsey's character in the movie "Thanksgiving" is named Jack, and his role is to host the Thanksgiving dinner.


In the ending of Thanksgiving, chaos ensues as a family's Thanksgiving gathering turns into a bloodbath. The dinner table becomes a battleground, with family members brutally attacking each other. The once joyful celebration becomes a nightmarish scene of violence and mayhem. As the last surviving member escapes, covered in blood, the camera pans out to reveal a serene suburban neighborhood, oblivious to the horrors that just unfolded. Thanksgiving ends with a chilling reminder that even the most seemingly peaceful gatherings can hide dark secrets and unleash unimaginable horrors.

Eli Roth