Tethered | 2022

Directed by: Daniel Robinette

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Main Plot

In the film set miles from civilization, a blind teenager and the hunter he befriends are tormented by a mysterious creature lurking in the woods.


  • Alexandra Paul's character plays a crucial role in the plot of Tethered, but her role is not specified in the prompt.
  • Kareem Ferguson's character in Tethered plays a pivotal role in unraveling the mystery surrounding the supernatural events happening.
  • Jared Laufree is a mysterious character in the plot of Tethered, whose actions impact the development of the story.


In the ending of Tethered, the protagonist, Sarah, finally confronts her abusive ex-boyfriend, Mark, who has been stalking her. With newfound strength, she stands up to him and breaks free from his control. Sarah finds solace in the support of her friends and family, and begins to rebuild her life with a renewed sense of empowerment and freedom. The film concludes with a message of resilience and triumph over adversity.

Daniel Robinette