Tammy | 2014

Directed by: Ben Falcone

Tammy Poster

Main Plot

After getting fired and finding out that her husband is cheating, Tammy hits the road with her profane, alcoholic grandmother.


  • Melissa McCarthy's character, Tammy, is a woman who goes on a road trip with her grandmother after losing her job and husband. Melissa McCarthy
  • Susan Sarandon's character in Tammy is a free-spirited woman who helps the main character on a road trip. Susan Sarandon
  • Kathy Bates' character in "Tammy" plays Tammy's grandmother who helps her embark on a road trip adventure. Kathy Bates

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Tammy," directed by Ben Falcone, Tammy's grandmother passes away, leaving her a large sum of money. Tammy decides to use the money to start her own business, a food truck. She opens the food truck with the help of her friends and finds success. She also reconciles with her mother and begins a new romantic relationship. The movie ends with Tammy embracing her newfound independence and happiness.

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