Take Shelter | 2011

Directed by: Jeff Nichols

Take Shelter Poster

Main Plot

Take Shelter follows the story of Curtis, a working-class family man plagued by apocalyptic nightmares. As his visions intensify, he becomes obsessed with building a storm shelter to protect his loved ones from an impending disaster. However, his increasing paranoia and erratic behavior begin to strain his relationships and raise concerns about his mental health. Curtis must navigate the fine line between reality and his own fears, ultimately questioning whether he is truly prophetic or descending into madness.


  • Curtis LaForche, a husband and father who becomes plagued by apocalyptic visions, leading him to obsessively build a storm shelter to protect his family.
  • Jessica Chastain's character in Take Shelter is Samantha, the supportive wife of the protagonist who becomes increasingly concerned about his erratic behavior and visions.
  • Shea Whigham's character in Take Shelter is Dewart, a close friend and co-worker of the protagonist who becomes concerned about his increasingly erratic behavior.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Take Shelter," Curtis, plagued by apocalyptic visions, seeks shelter for his family. Despite being deemed mentally unstable, he decides to build an underground storm shelter. As the storm approaches, Curtis's wife, Samantha, questions his sanity, causing tension in their relationship. However, when the storm arrives, it turns out to be a regular storm, not the catastrophic event Curtis had predicted. Realizing his visions were not true, Curtis seeks treatment for his mental health issues. The film concludes with Curtis and Samantha attending a community gathering, where Curtis's daughter, Hannah, reveals her own hearing impairment. This revelation implies that Curtis's visions might have been a manifestation of his fear for his daughter's future, rather than a genuine prophecy.

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