Surf Ninjas | 1993

Directed by: Neal Israel

Surf Ninjas Poster

Main Plot

Surf Ninjas follows the adventure of two teenage brothers, Johnny and Adam, who discover they are the long-lost princes of a small Asian island. With their newfound powers and the help of a wise warrior, Zatch, the brothers embark on a mission to reclaim their kingdom from an evil dictator. Along the way, they encounter dangerous obstacles, epic battles, and hilarious moments, all while showcasing their surfing skills. With the fate of their people at stake, the brothers must embrace their destiny as Surf Ninjas and save their homeland.


  • Ernie Reyes Sr. portrays the character of Colonel Chi, the main antagonist in the plot of Surf Ninjas.
  • Rob Schneider plays Iggy, a sidekick to the main character in Surf Ninjas. He provides comedic relief and supports the protagonist throughout their adventures.
  • Ernie Reyes Jr. plays the character Johnny, who discovers he is the prince of a small Asian island and must use his martial arts skills to save his people.

Ending Explained

In the ending of Surf Ninjas, the main characters, Johnny and Adam, discover their true identities as princes of Patu San. With the help of their friend Iggy, they must embrace their royal duties and save their homeland from the evil Colonel Chi. Armed with their surfing and martial arts skills, they lead a rebellion against Chi's forces. During an intense battle, Johnny and Adam defeat Chi and his henchmen, restoring peace to Patu San. The brothers also find love, with Johnny reuniting with his girlfriend, and Adam finding a new romantic interest. The movie concludes with the heroes celebrating their victory and embracing their destiny as the Surf Ninjas.

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Neal Israel Ernie Reyes Sr. Rob Schneider Ernie Reyes Jr.