Stuck in Love. | 2012

Directed by: Josh Boone

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Main Plot

An acclaimed writer, his ex-wife, and their teenaged children come to terms with the complexities of love in all its forms over the course of one tumultuous year.


  • Greg Kinnear's character in "Stuck in Love" is named Bill Borgens, and he plays a successful writer dealing with a divorce.
  • Jennifer Connelly's character is named Erica and she plays the role of William's ex-wife in the plot of Stuck in Love.
  • Lily Collins plays Samantha Borgens in Stuck in Love, who is a young writer struggling with her own love life.


In the ending of "Stuck in Love," the characters face various challenges and come to important realizations about themselves and their relationships. Bill finally lets go of his ex-wife and finds closure, while his daughter Samantha learns to trust and love again after a heartbreak. Rusty, the youngest in the family, discovers his passion for writing and pursues it with determination. The film concludes with a sense of growth, acceptance, and hope as each character finds their own path towards happiness and fulfillment.

Josh Boone