Strays | 2023

Directed by: Josh Greenbaum

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Main Plot

"Strays" is a heartwarming film directed by Josh Greenbaum. It follows the story of a compassionate young woman who discovers a group of stray dogs in her neighborhood. Determined to help them, she embarks on a journey to find them loving homes. Along the way, she faces various challenges and forms unexpected friendships. With her unwavering dedication, she strives to make a difference in the lives of these abandoned animals, teaching us the power of compassion and the importance of finding our own sense of belonging.


  • Will Ferrell's character in Strays is a man named Roger who helps a group of misfit individuals find their way back home.
  • Jamie Foxx's character in Strays is Dennis "D" Cooper, a troubled young man who finds redemption and a sense of purpose through his interactions with a group of stray dogs.
  • Isla Fisher's character in Strays is named Sarah and she plays the role of a struggling single mother who forms an unlikely bond with a stray dog.


In the ending of "Strays," directed by Josh Greenbaum, the protagonist, a struggling screenwriter named Mitch, finally finds success when his script gets picked up by a renowned Hollywood producer. Overjoyed, Mitch embarks on a journey to bring his vision to life, facing various challenges and setbacks along the way. With the support of his loyal friends and newfound love interest, Mitch perseveres, ultimately completing his film. The movie's premiere becomes a resounding success, catapulting Mitch into the spotlight and solidifying his place in the industry. As the credits roll, Mitch reflects on the transformative power of chasing one's dreams, reminding us that sometimes, even the most unexpected strays can lead us to extraordinary destinations.

Josh Greenbaum