Stacy's Knights | 1983

Directed by: Jim Wilson

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Main Plot

Two young gamblers are on a non-stop roll, but soon the casino wants to even the odds and bring their winning streak to a close.


  • Kevin Costner's character in Stacy's Knights is Will Bonner, a former college football player turned bookie.
  • Andra Millian is a minor character in the film "Stacy's Knights" and does not play a significant role in the plot.
  • Eve Lilith is a mysterious and seductive woman who becomes a love interest for the protagonist in Stacy's Knights.


In the ending of "Stacy's Knights," directed by Jim Wilson, Stacy's dream of becoming a jockey is fulfilled as she wins a race on her horse, Blue Moon. Her victory not only proves her talent but also silences those who doubted her abilities. With her newfound confidence, Stacy decides to pursue her passion for horse racing, leaving behind her former life as a blackjack dealer. The film concludes with Stacy embarking on a new chapter in her life, filled with determination and a bright future ahead.

Jim Wilson