Spaceballs | 1987

Directed by: Mel Brooks

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Main Plot

A star-pilot for hire and his trusty sidekick must come to the rescue of a princess and save Planet Druidia from the clutches of the evil Spaceballs.


  • Mel Brooks played the character of President Skroob in Spaceballs, who is the leader of Planet Spaceball.
  • Barf, played by John Candy, is a half-man, half-dog character who is a loyal sidekick to Lone Starr.
  • Rick Moranis plays the character "Dark Helmet" in Spaceballs, who is a parody of Darth Vader from Star Wars.


In the ending of Spaceballs, Lone Starr and his friends rescue Princess Vespa from the clutches of Dark Helmet and President Skroob. They manage to stop the Spaceball One ship from stealing Druidia's air supply, causing it to self-destruct. Lone Starr defeats Dark Helmet in a lightsaber battle and reveals his true identity as a prince. The heroes celebrate their victory, and Lone Starr and Princess Vespa share a romantic moment. The movie ends with a comical twist, as the characters watch the Spaceballs sequel during the credits.

Mel Brooks