Sometimes a Great Notion | 1971

Directed by: Paul Newman

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Main Plot

A family of fiercely independent Oregon loggers struggle to keep the family business alive amidst changing times.


  • Paul Newman's character plays a stubborn logger who clashes with his family while fighting against a union strike.
  • Henry Fonda's character in Sometimes a Great Notion is a union worker who clashes with a logging family during a strike.
  • Lee Remick's character in Sometimes a Great Notion is a love interest and source of conflict for the Stamper family.


In the ending of Sometimes a Great Notion, directed by Paul Newman, the Stamper family successfully manages to overcome the challenges posed by a labor strike and the destructive coastal weather. However, their triumph is bittersweet as the family patriarch, Hank Stamper, tragically loses his life during a logging accident. Despite this loss, the family's determination and resilience are celebrated, emphasizing the indomitable spirit of the human will in the face of adversity.

Paul Newman