Silent Hill | 2006

Directed by: Christophe Gans

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Main Plot

A woman, Rose, goes in search for her adopted daughter within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill.


  • Radha Mitchell portrays Rose Da Silva, a mother searching for her missing daughter in the haunted town of Silent Hill.
  • Laurie Holden's character in Silent Hill is a determined mother searching for her lost daughter in a cursed town.
  • Sean Bean's character in Silent Hill is a concerned father searching for his missing daughter in the haunted town.


In the ending of Silent Hill, Rose discovers that her daughter Sharon is actually the reincarnation of Alessa, a young girl who was burned alive by a cult. Rose confronts the cult leader, Dahlia, and together they defeat the monstrous manifestation of Alessa's pain and anger. Sharon/Alessa then merges with the remaining part of her soul, allowing her to finally find peace. Rose escapes the town and returns home with her daughter, leaving the nightmarish world of Silent Hill behind.

Christophe Gans