Shrek The Third | 2007

Directed by: Chris Miller, Raman Hui

Shrek The Third Poster

Main Plot

After the death of King Harold, Shrek is next in line for the throne of Far Far Away. However, he doesn't want the responsibility and sets out to find the rightful heir, Arthur. Alongside Donkey and Puss in Boots, they embark on a journey to bring Arthur back to rule. Meanwhile, Prince Charming gathers an army of fairytale villains to take over the kingdom. Shrek must rally his friends and prove that he is capable of being king, while also learning the importance of family and friendship.


  • Mike Myers plays the character Shrek in Shrek the Third. Shrek is an ogre who embarks on a journey to find a suitable heir to the throne of Far Far Away. Mike Myers
  • Cameron Diaz's character in Shrek the Third is Princess Fiona, who is Shrek's wife and the future queen of Far Far Away. Cameron Diaz
  • Donkey, a talking donkey, is Shrek's loyal and comical sidekick who helps him on his journey to find the rightful heir to the throne of Far Far Away. Eddie Murphy

Ending Explained

In the conclusion of Shrek the Third, Shrek and his friends successfully rescue Fiona from Prince Charming's clutches. They return to Far Far Away, where Shrek confronts Prince Charming in an epic battle. With the help of his friends and family, Shrek defeats Prince Charming and saves the kingdom. Meanwhile, Fiona gives birth to triplets, and Shrek embraces his new role as a father. The film ends with Shrek and his family happily living in the swamp, surrounded by their loved ones. The story highlights the importance of family, friendship, and accepting oneself for who they truly are.

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