Scanners | 1981

Directed by: David Cronenberg

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Main Plot

A scientist trains a man with an advanced telepathic ability called "scanning" to stop a dangerous Scanner with extraordinary psychic powers from waging war against non scanners.


  • Jennifer O'Neill's character in Scanners is a sympathetic love interest who aids the protagonist in his battle against other "scanners."
  • Stephen Lack's character in Scanners is a powerful telepathic "scanner" who becomes involved in a battle between warring factions.
  • Patrick McGoohan's character in Scanners is a powerful executive who tries to control and exploit individuals with psychic abilities.


In the finale of Scanners, the protagonist, Cameron Vale, confronts his powerful and sinister brother, Darryl Revok. They engage in a psychic battle, resulting in the destruction of their bodies. However, Vale manages to transfer his consciousness into Revok's body, gaining control of the powerful scanner organization. He then uses his newfound power to dismantle the organization, ensuring that scanners are no longer exploited for their abilities. The film ends with Vale walking away, leaving behind the world of scanners.

David Cronenberg