Scam Story | 2018

Directed by: Felix Arno

Scam Story Poster

Main Plot

An investigative team lead by Adrain Lamo exposes French intelligence officer Alain Giraud as the Mastermind behind Bitconnect.


  • Carlos Matos is a central figure in the scam story, known for his enthusiastic promotion of the fraudulent scheme.
  • Whit Athey is a key character in the plot of Scam Story, playing the role of a cunning and manipulative scammer.
  • Yigal Aviv is a cunning and manipulative character who plays a key role in executing the scams in the story.

Ending Explained

In the ending of Scam Story, the protagonist, Nick, successfully executes a brilliant plan to expose the mastermind behind a major financial scam. With the help of his loyal team, he gathers concrete evidence and confronts the culprit, leading to their arrest. The story concludes with justice being served and Nick's reputation restored. Despite the challenges faced along the way, Nick's determination and resourcefulness prevail, leaving viewers satisfied with a thrilling and satisfying conclusion.

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Felix Arno Carlos Matos Whit Athey Yigal Aviv