Saw | 2004

Directed by: James Wan

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Main Plot

"Saw" follows two men who wake up chained in a dilapidated bathroom, with no memory of how they got there. They soon discover they are part of a sadistic game orchestrated by a notorious serial killer known as Jigsaw. As the clock ticks, they must solve a series of intricate puzzles and face their darkest secrets to survive. Meanwhile, a determined detective races against time to unravel the mystery behind Jigsaw's motives and put an end to his deadly games. The film is a suspenseful and intense exploration of the human will to survive and the consequences of one's choices.


  • Cary Elwes played Dr. Lawrence Gordon in Saw. He is trapped in a bathroom alongside another victim and forced to make a gruesome choice to survive.
  • Leigh Whannell played the character of Adam Faulkner-Stanheight in Saw, who wakes up chained in a decrepit bathroom alongside another captive.
  • Danny Glover's character in Saw is Detective David Tapp, a determined detective who becomes obsessed with capturing the Jigsaw Killer and solving his twisted games.


In the ending of Saw, it is revealed that the mastermind behind the sadistic game is Jigsaw, a terminally ill cancer patient named John Kramer. Detective Tapp, who has been obsessed with catching Jigsaw, is killed by him in a trap. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon, who has been trapped in a bathroom with another victim, Adam, is forced to saw off his own foot to escape. Adam is left behind, and it is implied that he dies. In a final twist, it is revealed that the events of the movie were not happening in real-time, but rather through a series of flashbacks, with Dr. Gordon being the true Jigsaw accomplice. The movie ends with Dr. Gordon crawling away, leaving room for future sequels.

James Wan