Savages | 2012

Directed by: Oliver Stone

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Main Plot

Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend.


  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson's character in Savages is named Ben, and he plays the role of a peaceful botanist and marijuana expert.
  • Taylor Kitsch's character in Savages is Chon, a former Navy SEAL who becomes involved in a dangerous drug war.
  • Blake Lively's character in Savages is named Ophelia "O" Sage, who is the love interest of two marijuana entrepreneurs.


In the ending of "Savages," directed by Oliver Stone, Chon and Ben, along with their shared love interest O, successfully outsmart the Mexican cartel leader, Elena, and her henchmen. They manage to rescue O and kill Elena, escaping with their lives. However, it is revealed that O had orchestrated her own kidnapping to manipulate Chon and Ben into killing Elena. The trio then goes into hiding with their vast wealth, leaving behind their former lives and embracing a new existence.

Oliver Stone