Requiem for a Dream | 2000

Directed by: Darren Aronofsky

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Main Plot

Requiem for a Dream follows the interconnected stories of four individuals as they spiral into addiction and despair. Harry, his girlfriend Marion, his mother Sara, and his friend Tyrone all become consumed by their own vices, leading to devastating consequences. As their lives unravel, they each face their own personal struggles and battles with addiction, ultimately leading to a tragic and heartbreaking climax. The film explores the destructive nature of addiction and the toll it takes on both individuals and their relationships, painting a bleak and harrowing portrait of the devastating effects of drug abuse.


  • Sara Goldfarb, a lonely widow who becomes obsessed with losing weight in order to appear on a television show, leading to a devastating spiral of addiction and despair.
  • Harry Goldfarb, a heroin addict, who along with his girlfriend Marion and friend Tyrone, becomes increasingly consumed by their drug addiction and spiral into desperation and despair.
  • Marion Silver is a young woman who dreams of opening a clothing store with her boyfriend. She becomes addicted to drugs and descends into a world of addiction and despair.


The film concludes with all four main characters reaching their lowest points due to their addictions. Marion is forced into prostitution, Harry loses his arm to gangrene, Tyrone is imprisoned, and Sara is subjected to electroshock therapy. The film ends with a montage of their deteriorating lives, highlighting the devastating consequences of their drug use. The characters are left broken and hopeless, illustrating the destructive power of addiction.

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