Reptile | 2023

Directed by: Grant Singer

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Main Plot

Nichols, a hardened New England detective unflinching in his pursuit of a case where nothing is as it seems, one that begins to dismantle the illusions in his own life.


  • Benicio Del Toro's character in Reptile plays a mysterious and pivotal role in the plot.
  • Justin Timberlake's character in "Reptile" plays a key role in unraveling the mystery surrounding the reptilian creatures.
  • Eric Bogosian's character plays a supporting role in the plot of Reptile, contributing to the development of the story.


In the ending of Reptile, directed by Grant Singer, chaos ensues as the main character, tormented by his own demons, finally succumbs to his inner darkness. The atmosphere becomes increasingly tense and surreal, as he confronts his fears and battles with his own identity. The film closes with a haunting image of the protagonist, consumed by his inner turmoil, leaving viewers with a sense of unease and the lingering question of whether redemption is possible.

Grant Singer