Red Rooms | 2023

Directed by: Pascal Plante

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Main Plot

"Red Rooms" follows the journey of a young filmmaker named Antoine, who is struggling to find his artistic voice. He becomes fascinated by the underground world of "red rooms," where people pay to witness live performances of extreme violence. Intrigued by this dark and controversial subject matter, Antoine decides to delve deeper into the red room scene, leading him on a path of self-discovery and moral dilemmas. As he becomes more involved, Antoine's boundaries are tested, and he must confront the consequences of his choices as he navigates this dangerous world.


  • Juliette GariĆ©py is a detective investigating a series of mysterious disappearances, leading her to uncover a dark underground network of illegal activities known as Red Rooms.
  • Laurie Babin is a detective investigating a series of murders in Red Rooms, trying to uncover the identity of the killer and bring them to justice.
  • Elisabeth Locas plays the character of a detective who is investigating a series of mysterious disappearances in the thrilling plot of Red Rooms.


In the ending of Red Rooms, the protagonist, Antoine, finds himself at a crossroads. After a series of intense experiences as a professional hockey player, he is faced with the decision of whether to continue pursuing his dreams or to let go of his past and move on. Antoine's journey of self-discovery and personal growth ultimately leads him to make a bold choice, defying expectations and embracing a new path. The conclusion leaves the audience with a sense of hope and possibility, as Antoine's resilience and determination inspire us to follow our own passions and find fulfillment in unexpected places.

Pascal Plante