Érase Una Vez En Euskadi | 2021

Directed by: Manu Gómez

Érase Una Vez En Euskadi Poster

Main Plot

Érase una vez en Euskadi follows the story of a group of childhood friends who reunite after years apart. They embark on a journey to fulfill their childhood dream of finding a hidden treasure, facing various challenges and rediscovering their friendship along the way. Set in the beautiful landscapes of the Basque Country, the film explores themes of nostalgia, adventure, and the power of friendship. Directed by Manu Gómez, it takes viewers on an emotional and thrilling ride, filled with unexpected twists and turns.


  • Asier Flores plays the character of a young journalist who uncovers a dark secret while investigating a series of mysterious disappearances in the Basque Country.
  • Aitor Calderón is a detective who is investigating a series of mysterious disappearances in the Basque Country, uncovering a dark secret that threatens the region.
  • Miguel Rivera is a key character in "Érase una vez en Euskadi." He plays a pivotal role in the plot as the protagonist's loyal friend and confidant.

Ending Explained

In the ending of Érase una vez en Euskadi, the protagonist finds himself torn between his loyalty to his family and his desire for a new life. After a series of intense events, he ultimately decides to break free from the cycle of violence and leave his criminal past behind. With the help of his love interest, he manages to escape from the dangerous world he was once a part of. The film concludes with a sense of redemption and hope as the protagonist embarks on a journey towards a better future, leaving behind the darkness of his past.

Thumbs Down
Manu Gómez Asier Flores Aitor Calderón Miguel Rivera