Radio | 2003

Directed by: Michael Tollin

 Movie Poster (spoilers)

Main Plot

The story of a high school coach and the developmentally challenged man who he took under his wing.


  • Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character in the movie "Radio" is James Robert "Radio" Kennedy, who is a mentally challenged young man.
  • Ed Harris plays the character Coach Harold Jones in the movie Radio. He is the high school football coach who befriends Radio.
  • Debra Winger's character in Radio is named Linda. She plays the role of the mother of the main character.


In the ending of "Radio," the community comes together to support Radio after he is accused of a crime he did not commit. Through their unwavering belief in his innocence, they help clear his name. The film concludes with Radio continuing to be an integral part of the community, embraced for his kind heart and inspiring spirit. The story highlights the power of acceptance, understanding, and the impact one person can have on the lives of others.