Pretty Woman | 1990

Directed by: Garry Marshall

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Main Plot

A wealthy businessman hires a prostitute to accompany him to social events for a week. As they spend more time together, they develop a connection and their relationship evolves beyond their initial arrangement. However, their different backgrounds and societal expectations threaten to tear them apart. They must navigate their feelings and overcome obstacles to find happiness together.


  • Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman, hires Vivian Ward, a prostitute, to accompany him to social events. As they spend time together, they develop a romantic relationship.
  • Vivian Ward, a prostitute, is hired by a wealthy businessman to be his escort for a week and they eventually fall in love.
  • Jason Alexander's character in Pretty Woman is Philip Stuckey, a sleazy lawyer who is the business associate and romantic rival of Richard Gere's character.


In the romantic comedy "Pretty Woman," directed by Garry Marshall, the film concludes with Vivian, a vivacious prostitute, and Edward, a wealthy businessman, realizing their deep connection and love for each other. Despite their differences, they overcome societal expectations and prejudices to be together. Edward, inspired by Vivian's genuine and caring nature, decides to change his ruthless business practices. He rescues Vivian from her troubled life, offering her a chance at a better future. In a grand gesture, he climbs up a fire escape to profess his love for her. The film ends with Vivian triumphantly leaving her old life behind and driving off into the sunset with Edward, symbolizing their newfound happiness and the power of love to transcend social barriers.

Garry Marshall Comedy Romance Richard Gere Julia Roberts Jason Alexander