Pootie Tang | 2001

Directed by: Louis C.K.

Pootie Tang Poster

Main Plot

"The Man" is baffled by a chill hero's invincible weapon: gibberish.


  • Chris Rock's character, JB, is a radio host who helps Pootie Tang gain popularity and fight against evil.
  • Lance Crouther plays the title character Pootie Tang, a cool and talented musician who fights against evil forces.
  • J.B. Smoove plays Trucky, Pootie Tang's friend and manager, who helps him navigate his rise to fame and success.

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Pootie Tang," Pootie defeats the evil Dick Lecter by using his special belt. The belt's power overcomes Lecter's influence on society, restoring peace and happiness. Pootie then reunites with his love interest, Ireenie, and they dance together joyfully. The film concludes with Pootie's message of love and positivity resonating with people, inspiring them to live better lives.

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Louis C.K. Chris Rock Lance Crouther J.B. Smoove