Pineapple Express | 2008

Directed by: David Gordon Green

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Main Plot

Pineapple Express follows the misadventures of a process server and his stoner friend after witnessing a murder. They find themselves on the run from a drug lord and corrupt cops, all while trying to stay alive and protect their loved ones.


  • Dale Denton, a stoner process server, gets caught up in a drug war after witnessing a murder.
  • James Franco's character in Pineapple Express is named Saul Silver, a laid-back stoner who becomes involved in a drug-related adventure.
  • Gary Cole's character in Pineapple Express is Ted Jones, a drug lord who is after the main characters.


In the ending of Pineapple Express, Dale, Saul, and Red team up to take down Ted, the corrupt cop and drug lord. A chaotic and hilarious showdown ensues at Ted's hideout, resulting in explosions and intense fights. Dale and Saul manage to escape, but Red sacrifices himself to save them. With Ted defeated, Dale and Saul reconcile their friendship and decide to start a new life together. The movie concludes with them leaving town and looking forward to a brighter future, leaving behind a trail of destruction and laughter.

David Gordon Green