Pim, pam, pum... ¡fuego! | 1975

Directed by: Pedro Olea

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Main Plot

"Pim, pam, pum... ¡fuego!" is a Spanish film directed by Pedro Olea. The plot revolves around a group of bank robbers who take hostages during a heist. As the situation intensifies, the robbers and hostages find themselves caught in a tense and unpredictable standoff.


  • Concha Velasco's character in "Pim, pam, pum... ¡fuego!" is María, a determined firefighter who battles fires and saves lives.
  • Josep Maria Flotats plays the character of Inspector in the plot of Pim, pam, pum... ¡fuego!
  • Fernando Fernán Gómez played the character of Don Julián, a retired military officer, in the plot of Pim, pam, pum... ¡fuego!.


In the ending of "Pim, pam, pum... ¡fuego!" directed by Pedro Oleain, the characters find themselves trapped in a burning building. With time running out, they desperately search for an escape route. Amidst the chaos, they manage to break free just in time, narrowly avoiding the flames. Outside, they gather together, relieved and grateful to have survived. As they watch the building burn, they realize the importance of cherishing life and the power of unity. With newfound strength, they embrace the future, ready to face whatever challenges come their way.

Pedro Olea