Percy Vs Goliath | 2020

Directed by: Clark Johnson

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Main Plot

Percy Vs Goliath follows the true story of a small-town farmer, Percy Schmeiser, who takes on the agricultural giant Monsanto in a legal battle over patented seeds. With the help of a lawyer and activists, Percy fights for farmers' rights and the freedom to save and reuse their own seeds.


  • Christopher Walken plays Percy Schmeiser, a farmer who takes on the biotech company Monsanto in a legal battle.
  • Roberta Maxwell portrays a character who supports Percy in his fight against a powerful corporation threatening farmers.
  • Christina Ricci plays a character who supports Percy in his legal battle against a powerful corporation.


In the ending of "Percy Vs Goliath," Percy successfully fights against the powerful corporation, Monsanto, in a legal battle over patent infringement. With the support of his lawyer and the local community, Percy stands up for the rights of farmers and the importance of seed saving. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, Percy's determination and resilience lead to a victory in court. The film concludes with a sense of hope and the message that individuals can make a difference in the face of corporate greed.

Clark Johnson