Pearls Before Swine | 1999

Directed by: Richard Wolstencroft

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Main Plot

In one night, seven homeless youngsters, all connected to social worker Paul Decker, are killed by professionals. One of the killers, Daniel, gets a new mission to kill a writer. It's only that he really likes his book.


  • Boyd Rice is a minor character in Pearls Before Swine and his role is not significant to the plot.
  • Nicholas Crawford-Smith's character plays a small role as a supporting character in the plot of Pearls Before Swine.
  • Greg Maxwell is a recurring character in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine, known for his sarcasm and pessimistic outlook.


In the film "Pearls Before Swine" directed by Richard Wolstencroft, the ending reveals a shocking twist. After a series of manipulations and betrayals, the main character, played by an unknown actor, is ultimately exposed as the mastermind behind a complex scheme. As the truth emerges, chaos ensues, leading to a climactic confrontation where justice is served. The film ends on a bittersweet note, leaving viewers questioning the morality and consequences of their actions.

Richard Wolstencroft