Ornate | 2021

Directed by: Vincent Dormani

Ornate Poster

Main Plot

"Ornate" is a mysterious and suspenseful film directed by Vincent Dormani, following a gripping story that unfolds through intricate and ornate settings. The plot takes unexpected turns, keeping the audience engaged and intrigued until the very end.


  • Frank Dormani is a detective investigating a series of mysterious murders in the small town of Ornate. Frank Dormani
  • Talia Masso is a skilled thief who plays a crucial role in stealing the ornate artifact in the plot of Ornate. Talia Masso

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Ornate," the protagonist, driven by his obsession with perfection, creates a masterpiece that captivates the world. However, as he gazes at his creation, he realizes the emptiness within himself. In a moment of clarity, he destroys his creation, symbolizing his liberation from the shackles of perfectionism. With newfound freedom, he embraces imperfection and finds solace in the beauty of life's flaws, ultimately discovering true fulfillment and inner peace.

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Vincent Dormani Frank Dormani Talia Masso