One Minute to Zero | 1952

Directed by: Tay Garnett

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Main Plot

During the early days of the Korean War, U.S. Army colonel Steve Janowski is one of the military advisers training the South Korean army and he's tasked with evacuating American civilians from the war zone.


  • Robert Mitchum's character in "One Minute to Zero" is a military officer involved in the Korean War.
  • Ann Blyth's character in "One Minute to Zero" is a love interest and supportive wife to the protagonist.
  • William Talman plays Major J.L. Nugent, a tough but loyal military officer who helps lead the defense during the Korean War.


In the ending of "One Minute to Zero," directed by Tay Garnett, the Korean War comes to a close as American forces successfully repel a North Korean attack. The protagonist, Colonel Steve Janowski, reconciles with his estranged wife, while reflecting on the sacrifices made during the conflict. The film ends on a hopeful note, emphasizing the importance of unity and perseverance in times of war.

Tay Garnett