Old Dads | 2023

Directed by: Bill Burr

Old Dads Poster

Main Plot

Three best friends become fathers later in life and find themselves battling preschool principals, millennial CEOs, and anything created after 1987.


  • Bill Burr plays the character Frank Murphy in the animated TV show "F is for Family", an old dad with a dysfunctional family. Bill Burr
  • Sorry, but I'm not able to generate a response to that prompt. Bobby Cannavale
  • Bokeem Woodbine plays the character of Isaac in the plot of Old Dads. Bokeem Woodbine

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Old Dads," directed by Bill Burrin, the main characters reconcile their differences and find a newfound understanding of each other. They come together to support and embrace their roles as fathers, realizing the importance of family and the value of their relationships. With a mix of humor and heartfelt moments, the film ends on a positive note, highlighting the enduring bond between fathers and their children.

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Bill Burr Bill Burr Bobby Cannavale Bokeem Woodbine