Ode to Joy | 2019

Directed by: Jason Winer

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Main Plot

Charlie has a neurological disorder in which strong emotions, especially joy, make him faint. He lives with his brother. Working as librarian gives him a quiet environment, but then Francesca enters the library and his life.


  • Martin Freeman's character, Charlie, is a man who suffers from a condition that causes him to pass out when he feels too happy.
  • Morena Baccarin plays the love interest of the main character and helps him navigate his condition in Ode to Joy.
  • Jake Lacy's character in "Ode to Joy" is a love interest who helps Joy navigate her unique condition of narcolepsy.


In the ending of "Ode to Joy," directed by Jason Winer, Charlie, the protagonist, finally finds love with Francesca after overcoming his rare condition known as cataplexy. They share a passionate kiss in a park, surrounded by joyful onlookers. Charlie's newfound happiness is evident as he embraces life's unpredictable nature and embraces the love that has entered his life. The film concludes on a hopeful note, suggesting that even with life's challenges, love has the power to bring immense joy.

Jason Winer