No One Will Save You | 2023

Directed by: Brian Duffield

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Main Plot

An exiled anxiety-ridden homebody must battle an alien who's found its way into her home.


  • Kaitlyn Dever's character plays a central role in the plot of "No One Will Save You."
  • Ginger Cressman is a character in "No One Will Save You" who plays a crucial role in the plot.
  • Zack Duhame's character in "No One Will Save You" has a significant role in the plot.


In the ending of "No One Will Save You" directed by Brian Duffield, the protagonist, Claire, confronts the masked killer, who turns out to be her own reflection. Overcoming her fear, she fights back and ultimately defeats the killer. As the sun rises, Claire emerges victorious and walks away, leaving behind the horrors she faced, symbolizing her triumph over her inner demons.

Brian Duffield