My Favorite Martian | 1999

Directed by: Donald Petrie

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Main Plot

A Martian lands on Earth and makes friends with a reporter.


  • Christopher Lloyd's character in My Favorite Martian plays the role of the alien's eccentric and mischievous Martian companion.
  • Jeff Daniels' character, Tim O'Hara, is a reporter who discovers and befriends an alien named Uncle Martin.
  • Elizabeth Hurley's character in My Favorite Martian is a news reporter who becomes involved in the alien's secret.


In the ending of My Favorite Martian, Tim and Uncle Martin successfully repair the spaceship and prepare to leave Earth. However, Tim realizes that he has fallen in love with his co-worker, Brace, and decides to stay on Earth with her. Uncle Martin bids farewell to Tim and returns to Mars alone. Tim and Brace then begin their new life together, while Uncle Martin watches over them from Mars, happy for his friend's newfound happiness.

Donald Petrie