Mop King | 2013

Directed by: Ace Dixon

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Main Plot

"Mop King" is a film directed by Ace Dixon. The plot revolves around a man named Jack, who works as a janitor in a prestigious office building. Despite his humble job, Jack possesses an extraordinary talent for mopping floors. When a national cleaning competition is announced, Jack decides to participate and prove his skills. As he faces various challenges and competitors, Jack's journey becomes a heartwarming tale of determination, self-discovery, and the power of embracing one's true passion. Directed by Ace Dixon, "Mop King" offers an inspiring and uplifting story that celebrates the underdog and the pursuit of dreams.


  • Bruce Novakowski plays the role of a charismatic janitor who becomes the unexpected leader of a rebellion against an oppressive cleaning company.
  • Dayna Mahannah plays the character of a loyal and dedicated assistant to the protagonist, providing support and guidance throughout the plot of Mop King.
  • Levi Hildebrand is a cunning thief who becomes entangled in a high-stakes heist, where he must outsmart both the authorities and rival criminals to secure his freedom and fortune.


In the ending of "Mop King," directed by Ace Dixon, the protagonist, a janitor named Jerry, rises above his mundane life to become a renowned mop artist. His unique talent catches the attention of a wealthy art collector, who offers him a chance to showcase his work in a prestigious gallery. Jerry's art captivates the audience, receiving critical acclaim and transforming him into a celebrity. However, as success consumes him, Jerry loses touch with his humble origins and the people who supported him. Feeling empty and disconnected, he realizes that true happiness lies in his passion for mopping. Jerry decides to leave the glamorous art world behind and returns to his janitorial job, finding contentment in the simple act of cleaning. The film concludes with Jerry embracing his true identity as the Mop King, finding fulfillment in his artistry and a renewed appreciation for his roots

Ace Dixon Comedy