Moose Hunters | 1937

Directed by: Ben Sharpsteen

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Main Plot

Moose Hunters, directed by Ben Sharpsteen, follows Mickey, Donald, and Goofy as they venture into the wilderness for a moose-hunting expedition. However, their hunting skills are put to the test when they encounter a clever and mischievous moose who turns the tables on them.


  • Stuart Buchanan is a character who joins a group of hunters in their quest to track down a moose.
  • Goofy - He is a clumsy and lovable character who joins Mickey and Donald in their moose hunting adventure.
  • Donald Duck is a main character in Moose Hunters, where he joins Mickey and Goofy on a moose hunting adventure.


In the ending of "Moose Hunters," chaos ensues as Goofy, Donald, and Mickey find themselves being chased by a ferocious moose. They try various tactics to escape but fail miserably, leading them to accidentally trap themselves in a log cabin. Just when they think they are safe, the moose crashes through the door, causing the cabin to collapse. In a surprising twist, the moose turns out to be a female, and upon seeing a picture of her baby, she becomes emotional and forgives the trio. They all reconcile and share a peaceful moment, bringing a heartwarming conclusion to their misadventures.

Ben Sharpsteen