Mondo Trasho | 1969

Directed by: John Waters

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Main Plot

A day in the lives of a hit-and-run driver and her victim, and the bizarre things that happen to them before and after they collide (sexual assault by a crazed foot-fetishist, visions of the Virgin Mary, strange chicken-foot graft...


  • Mary Vivian Pearce's character in "Mondo Trasho" is a central figure who experiences a series of surreal and debauched events.
  • Divine's character in Mondo Trasho is a central figure who embarks on a wild and outrageous journey.
  • David Lochary's character in Mondo Trasho is a supporting role as a drag queen who aids the main character.


In the ending of Mondo Trasho, directed by John Waters, Divine's character is hit by a car and wakes up in a hospital. She is visited by her parents, who are revealed to be the doctors. Divine's character is then taken to a church where she is baptized in a surreal ceremony. The film ends with Divine's character walking away, seemingly transformed.

John Waters