Minding the Gap | 2018

Directed by: Bing Liu

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Main Plot

Filmmaker Bing Liu searches for correlations between his skateboarder friends' turbulent upbringings and the complexities of modern masculinity.


  • Kent Abernathy serves as a father figure and mentor to the main characters, offering guidance and support throughout their lives.
  • Mengyue Bolen's character is one of the main subjects in the documentary film "Minding the Gap," showcasing his life and experiences.
  • Nina Bowgren is a friend of the main characters and provides emotional support and guidance throughout the documentary.


In the documentary "Minding the Gap," directed by Bing Liu, the film concludes by revealing that Bing himself has been physically abused by his stepfather. He reflects on the cycle of violence and trauma that he and his friends have experienced throughout their lives. Despite the pain, they find solace in skateboarding, which serves as a form of escape and therapy. Bing's hope is that by sharing their stories, they can break the cycle and inspire others to do the same.

Bing Liu