Mellow Mud | 2016

Directed by: Renars Vimba

Mellow Mud Poster

Main Plot

Abandoned by their mother and stuck in a miserable living situation, 17-year old Raya and her adolescent brother Robis must decide between an orphanage or the guardianship of their grandmother, whom they despise.


  • Elina Vaska's character plays the lead role in the plot of Mellow Mud as a young girl navigating life after her mother's death. Elina Vaska
  • Andzejs Lilientals is the love interest of the protagonist and plays a significant role in her journey of self-discovery. Andzejs Lilientals
  • Edgars Samitis plays the role of a supportive and protective older brother to the protagonist, helping her navigate challenges. Edgars Samitis

Ending Explained

In the ending of Mellow Mud, after discovering her mother's death, Raya decides to hide it from the authorities to avoid being taken away. She continues to live alone in their rural farmhouse, taking care of her younger brother Robis. Raya finds solace in her dreams of escaping to a better life, holding onto hope amidst the harsh reality of their isolated existence.

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Renars Vimba Elina Vaska Andzejs Lilientals Edgars Samitis