Manchester by the Sea | 2016

Directed by: Kenneth Lonergan

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Main Plot

Manchester by the Sea follows the story of Lee Chandler, a janitor living a solitary life in Boston. When his brother passes away, Lee is named the guardian of his teenage nephew, Patrick. Forced to return to his hometown, Lee must confront his painful past and the reasons that led him to leave. As he navigates his new responsibilities, Lee grapples with grief, guilt, and the possibility of redemption. Through a series of flashbacks, the film unravels the tragic events that shaped Lee's life and his journey towards healing and acceptance.


  • Lee Chandler, a janitor and handyman, becomes the legal guardian of his teenage nephew after his brother's death, forcing him to confront his tragic past and face his own demons.
  • Michelle Williams' character in Manchester by the Sea is named Randi Chandler. She plays the ex-wife of the protagonist and has a significant emotional impact on the plot.
  • Kyle Chandler's character in Manchester by the Sea is Joe Chandler, who is the brother of the protagonist and serves as a significant figure in the film's narrative.


In the conclusion of Manchester by the Sea, Lee Chandler, burdened by guilt and grief from a tragic past, decides to leave his hometown and return to his solitary life as a janitor in Boston. He declines the opportunity to regain custody of his nephew, Patrick, feeling he is unfit to provide the love and support the boy needs. However, he promises to stay involved in Patrick's life. The film ends with Lee and Patrick sharing a quiet moment by the sea, acknowledging their shared pain and finding solace in each other's presence. Despite the lingering sorrow, there is a glimmer of hope that they can move forward together, healing and rebuilding their lives.

Kenneth Lonergan